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Issue 10

pdf The effect of Soya bean on fecundity of female albino mice
G. Y. Butris
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 624-626
pdf Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in aborted ewes and does in Duhok province of Iraq
N. A. Issa, and L.T. Omer
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 627-630
pdf Interaction between mouse hepatitis virus membrane protein and heat shock protein70 (HSP70)
Yanfen Wang, Chunping Li, Yanhua Feng, Yanhui Li, Haichun Ma
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 631-634
pdf Testing milk effect on formation of Escherichia coli O111 biofilm on stainless steel surface
Mohammad Hosein Movassagh
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 635-637
pdf Performance and blood metabolites of broiler chickens fed graded levels of tallow (Detarium microcarpum) seed meal
Obun, C.O., Ukim, I. C., Kehinde, A.S., Fatokun, N. and Daniel, P.T
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 638-643
pdf Effect of grazing and feeding frequency on some productive characteristics and semen quality of Awassi lambs
Saeb Younis Abdul-Rahman, Rathi Khatab Abdullah and Khalid Hassani Sultan
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 644-649
pdf An evaluation on the effects of zeolite on milk characteristics in cows
Kamoun Mounir, Jemmali Borni, Tayachy Lassad, Yahyaoui Afef, Kaab Lassaad, Amraoui Marouen, Chalghoumi Raja and Zouari Kamel
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 650-654
pdf Effects of different levels of lysine on carcass yields and composition in broiler
Javad Nasr and Farshid Kheiri
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 655-661
pdf Effect of dietary energy levels on productivity and profitability of laying hen
N. Eila, A. Lavvaf and T. Farahvash
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 662-665
pdf Prevalence of dental problems in pet dogs in Shiraz, Iran
Moosa Javdani and Zahra Nikousefat
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 666-668
pdf Evaluation of reproduction performance of Hyla rabbits in hot and humid region in Benin
C. A. A. M. Chrysostome, M. F. Houndonougbo, A. B. Gbangboché and M. S. M. Houangni
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 669-672
pdf Performance of growing rabbits fed varying levels of camel blood-rumen content mixture
Mohammed G, Igwebuike, J. U, Alade, N. K, Adamu, S. B and Raji A. O
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 673-676
pdf Estimation of genetic parameters for growth traits in Moghani sheep using random regression
M. J. Najafi, A. Lavvaf, B. Hemmati, T.Farahvash and R. Abdollahpoor
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 677-685
pdf Comparison of different feed restriction methods on growth performance of broilers
 Eila, A. Lavvaf and T. Farahvash
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 686-688
pdf Prevalence of foot lesions in cattle in Mosul, Iraq
 Hafidh, I. Al-Sadi, M. N. Mohamed, M. B. Najm Aldeen and A. A. Easaa
roavs, 2011, 1(
10), 689-693

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