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Issue 3

pdf Frequency of infestation of gastrointestinal helminthes in horses (Equus ferus) in Peshawar, Pakistan
Farzana Perveen and Muhammad Kashif
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 145-147
pdf Surgical removal of oviduct due to egg retention in a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus): A case report
M. Javdani and Z. Nikousefat
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 148-150
pdf Effect of ethanolic leaf extract of Nymphaea odorata on biochemical and oxidative stress parameters of liver and pancreas in alloxan induced diabetic mice
S.S. Dodamani, R.D. Sanakal and B.B. Kaliwal
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 151-157
pdf Detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus antibodies in cows and buffaloes milk in Mosul, Iraq
K. M. Alsaad, Q. T. Al-Obaidi and S. D. Hassan
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 158-160
pdf Effect of different levels of synbiotics on carcass characteristics of broiler
S. M. A. Aziz Mousavi, A. R. Seidavi and M. Dadashbeiki
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 161-165
pdf Utilization of sugar cane juice as additive for guinea grass silage making in eastern coast of Tanzania
Pius Yoram Kavana

roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 166-172
pdf Assessment of status of minerals in forages preferred by camels (Camelus dromedarius) in the Arid North Eastern Kenya
S. G. Kuria, I. A. Tura, S Amboga, H. K. Walaga
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 173-180
pdf Seroprevalence and factors affecting canine monocytic ehrlichiosis and canine brucellosis in Tanzania
A. P. Muhairwa, E. O. Mwakijungu, P. L. M. Msoffe and M. M. A. Mtambo
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 181-188
pdf Effect of ambient temperature, season, age and breed on testicular thermoregulation in bulls used for artificial insemination in Tunisia
L. Ben Rhoumal and M. Ben Mirad
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 189-193
pdf Effects of dietary addition of Bacillus and Saccharomyces culture on blood profiles, growth, and meat characteristics of Hanwoo (Bos taurus coreanae) steers
W. S. Kwak1, S. M. Lee, Y. I. Kim
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 194-199
pdf Cytogenetic and cytotoxic evaluation of Quercus infectoria extract in somatic and germ cells of male albino mice
Bushra M.A. Mohammed and Dilger M. Khdr

roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 200-206
pdf The use of principal component analysis to characterize bulls aged between 14 and 26 months in Tunisia
A. Slimene, C. Damergi, L. Chammakhi, T. Najar and M. Ben Mrad

roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 207-211
pdf Prevalence of some zoonotic causing bacteria and the bacterial shedding levels in animals of Baghdad zoo, Iraq
Shahrazad M. Al-Shadeedi, Zahra M. Al-Hakak, Adel S. Mousa and Faris A. Al-Obaidi
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 212-215
pdf Seasonal prevalence of Strongyle in Creole goats of the Tierra Caliente region, State of Guerrero, Mexico
J. Olivares-Perez, I. Gutierrez-Segura, S. Rojas-Hernandez, MT. Valencia-Almazan, EJ. Mireles-Martinez and A. Cordova-Izquierdo
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 216-220
pdf Prevalence of injuries and the bacteria in skin of ruminants in Kirkuk, Iraq
Lamea M. Ahmed
roavs, 2012, 2(
3), 221-224

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