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Issue 2

pdf Influence of poly germander (Teucrium polium) and watercress (Nasturtium officinale) extract on performance, carcass quality and blood metabolites of male broilers
Mostaan Khosravi Manesh
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Occurrence of subclinical mastitis in dairy does in Duhok, Iraq
Balqees A. Ali
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Characterization of blastomeres derived from different stages of in vitro produced buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryos to determine the stemness/pluripotential ability*
Srinivasa Prasad Chigurupati, Palanisamy, A, Satheshkumar, S, Gomathy, V.S., Dhinakar Raj, G and Thangavel, A
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Effects of different methods of wheat grain processing on skeletal growth, blood metabolites, feed consumption and digestion in neonatal Holstein calves
S. S. Mirghaffari, K. Karkoodi, A. Mirza-aghazadeh and N. Maheri-sis
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Effects of dietary lysine requirement levels on carcass yields of male and female Arian broiler
Javad Nasr
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Clinical and hematological study of Trypanosoma  brucei and Trypanosoma congolense in cattle in Mosul City, Iraq
Al-Badrani, B. A.
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Effect of strain and storage period on egg quality characteristics of local Iraqi laying hens
H. N. Hermiz, K. A. Abas, T. R. Al-Khatib, Sh. M. Amin, A. M. Ahmed, D. A. Hamad, H. P. Denha
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Impacts of dietary metabolizable protein on performance and ruminal parameters of Holstein cows at early lactation
Mehran Aboozar
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of rosemary and ginger extract added to Karadi yearling lamb patties
Ibrahim A. Baker, Jalal E. Alkass and Hatem H. Saleh
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Impact of using glucogenic precursors and mineral supplements for prevention of metabolic disorders of Holstein cows at parturition
Moosa Moeini, Hamid Amanlou, Ali Mirza Aghazadeh, Kambiz Nazr-Adl, Mehran Aboozar, Saeideh Noohi
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Acute toxicity of the methanolic extracts of Terminalia brownii bark in rats
Thoria, O. O, Galal, M. A, Ashour, N. A, Hussain, A. M. and Samia H. Abdelrahman
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Economic analysis of intensive sheep production system in Iran by bio-economic model
Kian Pahlevan Afshari, Mokhtar A. Abbasi, Mehdi Aminafshar, Mahmood Vatankhah and Mohammad Chamani
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Effect of partially substituted barley malt on performance, bone ash, calcium and phosphorus of broiler chickens
A. Soltani, J. Pourreza, F. Kheiri and M. Faghani
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Effect of early feeding or feed deprivation on growth performance of broiler chicks
J. Pourreza, F. Zamani, A. Tabeidian and M. Toghyani
roavs, 2012, 2(2),
pdf Clinical effects of eugenol and lidocaine as anesthetic on histopathology and skin wound healing in rabbit
Moosa Javdani, Zahra Nikousefat
roavs, 2012, 2(2),

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