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Issue 6

pdf Effect of dietary different ratios of coarse and fine limestone particles on egg production and eggshell quality of laying hens at peak production
Tobin Boitumelo Phirinyane, John Cassius Moreki, Henning Jacobus van der Merwe and James Paul Hayes
roavs, 2011, 1(
6), 334-338
pdf Comparison of the effects of different anaesthetics on rabbit plasma biochemical parameters
Amir Hossein Mavadati, Reza Habibian and Seifollah N. Dehghani
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 339-343
pdf Production response of dairy cows fed different dietary inclusion of cold-pressed soybean meal
M. C. Muya, B. D. Nkosi and K. J. Leeuw
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 344-348
pdf Treatment of peunomovaginitis in dairy cattle by caslick operation
S. N. Dehghani, M. Yavari and M. Kafi
roavs, 2011, 1(
6), 349-351
pdf Pre-weaning performance of the Zimbabwean Mukota and Large White × Mukota pigs under low-input production systems
M. Chimonyo, K. Dzama, E. Bhebhe and C. Mapiye
roavs, 2011, 1(
6), 352-359
pdf Nematode worm burdens in Nguni cattle on communal rangelands in a semi-arid area of South Africa
M. C. Marufu, C. Mapiye and M. Chimonyo
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 360-367
pdf Evaluation of performance and carcass characteristics of camel-calves fattened with molasses
H. K. Mohamed, E. Maria, O. A. Elkhider and A. M. Majid
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 368-370
pdf Efficiency of supplementing saccharomyces cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus for improved growth performance and carcass yield in broilers
M. H. Ayed and F. Ghaoui
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 371-374
pdf Effect of sepiolite supplementation on broiler growth performance and carcass yield
M. Hadj Ayed, I. Zghal and B. Rekik
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 375-378
pdf Preliminary pharmacological investigations on camel urine (Camelus dromedarius)
Salwa M. E. Khogali, Samia .H. Abdrahman Baragob, A. E. A and Elhassan A. M
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 379-381
pdf Effects of feeding guar germ (Cyamopsis teragonloba) at different levels on milk yield and milk quality of Holstein dairy cows under Sudan conditions
 Hassan, K.Mohamed, Essameldin, A. Mohamed and Manal Y. Ishag
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 382-384
pdf Influence of different concentrates on milk yield and quality from Italian indigenous goat
 G. Palocci and C. Tripaldi
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 385-389
pdf Effects of cleaning agents in reducing microbial load on meat display tables at the Bodija municipal abattoir, Ibadan, Nigeria
 A. E. J. Awosanya, O. K. Bolatito and V. O. Adetunji
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 390-394
pdf Thin layer chromatography of camel urine
 Tarig Hab, Samia H. A, Baragob A. E. A and Khojali S. M. E
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 395-397
pdf Heritabilities and genetic correlations between body weight and pecking behaviour in Nigerian local chicken
 I. Udeh and S. I. Omeje
roavs, 2011, 1(6
), 398-400

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