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Issue 4

pdf Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting lactation curve components of a Sudanese Butana dairy herd
Badri, T. M, Atta M, Mohamed T. Ibrahim and Gubartalla, K. A
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 193-197
pdf Growth of fodder crop (Sorghum bicolor L.) as animal feed
Abdel Rahman M. Nour, Ali A. Hassabo and Mohamed O. Eisa
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 198-199
pdf PCR-RFLP of BMPR-IB gene in North African Barbarine sheep
Jemmali Borni, Bedhiaf Sonia and Djemali M. Naouer
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 200-203
pdf Effect of replacing Soya by broad beans on fermentation parameters in the rumen of Sicilo-Sarde rams
Moncef Hammami, Abderrahmane Ben Gara, Boulbaba Rekik and Hamadi Rouissi
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 204-208
pdf Aspergillus Niger reduces skeletal muscle protein breakdown and stimulates growth in broilers
Ahmed. A. Saleh and Kunioki Hayashi
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 209-212
pdf Observations on the seasonal browsing and grazing behaviour of camels (Camelus dromedarius) in southern Darfur-Sudan
Alia S. A. Amin, Khalid A. Abdoun and Abdalla M. Abdelatif
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 213-216
pdf FecX1 gene as a monitor for the production of twins in the Egyptian sheep
I. Abulyazid, H. M. Sharada, M. S. Abdalla, H. M. Saleh and W.F. Hassanin
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 217-219
pdf Comparison of the onset of dawn chorus of bulbuls and house sparrows in two different geographical locations: effect of climate, noise and light pollution
Nail M. Hasan
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 220-225
pdf The influence of long term feeding flaxseeds on fatty acid profile of egg yolk, production parameters and plasma lipids profile of layers
Sara. A. Mohamed and Mohamed E. S. Barri
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 226-230
pdf Evaluation of genotoxic potential of Hypericum triquetrifolium extract in somatic and germ cells of male albino mice
Bushra M. A. Mohammed, Sarbast K. Q. Kheravii
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 231-239
pdf Electrophoretic pattern of blood serum proteins and enzymes activity of house sparrow (Passer domesticus) in Baghdad (Iraq)
Faris A. Al-Obaidi and Shahrazad M. J. Al-Shadeedi
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 240-244
pdf Effect of integration of Avena sativa L. and Trifolium alexandrinum L. in the ration on milk production performance of rabbit Does
Tijani Hedhly, Dorra Miladi, Boulbaba Rekik and Ridha Bergaoui
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 245-249
pdf Assessment of meat quality of local lamb breeds in Tunisia
Houcine Selmi, Mounir Kamoun, Lasâad Tayachi, Boulbaba Rekik and Hamadi Rouissi
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 250-253
pdf Effect of fluctuating ambient temperature on the performance of laying hens in the closed poultry house
Talha E. Abbas, Mamoun M. Yousuf, Mohamed E. Ahmed and Ali A. Hassabo
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 254-257
pdf Effect of dietary calcium intake on its retention by caged broiler breeder hens
John Cassius Moreki, Henning Jacobus van der Merwe and James Paul Hayes
roavs, 2011, 1(
4), 258-265

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