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Issue 3

pdf Effect of season on serum enzymes activity of Collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) and Laughing dove (Streptopelia senegalensis)
Faris A. Al-Obaidi and Shahrazad M. J. Al-Shadeedi
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 130-132
pdf Effect of the nature of the nitrogen source on the urea content of milk from the Sicilo–Sarde dairy ewes
Houcine Selmi, Boulbaba Rekik and Hamadi Rouissi
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 133-135
pdf Evaluation of a routine antiseptic and two disinfectants for reducing bacterial population of cow hoof
Moosa Javdani, Seifollah Dehghani, Ali Ghashghaii, Zahra Nikousefat
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 136-140
pdf Involvement of women in livestock husbandry in urban and peri-urban of Khartoum North Province (KNP) of Sudan
Elniema Mustafa
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 141-143
pdf Evaluation of millet residue meal based diets as feed for the domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
P. K. Karikari, G. Darkoh and G. Deku
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 144-149
pdf Comparative analysis of different factors involving management status of dairy farms in Khartoum state (Sudan)
Alatta Amal Osman, A. A. Hassabo, M. O. Eisa and Yagoub Sanaa Osman
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 150-154
pdf The effects of replacing groundnut cake with Afzelia africana (Mahogany) seed meal on performance, organ weights and haematological indices of finisher broiler chickens
C.O. Obun, A.S. Kehinde, and C. Ukim
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 155-157
pdf Effect of source and sex on blood protein fractions of West African Dwarf Goats (WADG)
J. C. Okonkwo, I. S. Omeje and I. F. Okonkwo
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 158-161
pdf Prevalence and risk factors of caseous lymphadenitis in sheep and goats of Batna area (Algeria)
Mohamed Nabil Alloui, Jaroslaw Kaba and Nadir Alloui
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 162-164
pdf Some placental factors and their relevance to variation in birth weight of Karadi lambs
R. A. S. Oramari, J. E. Alkass, H. N. Hermiz and Y. Y. Hussein
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 165-168
pdf  Use of black pepper (Piper nigrum) as feed additive in broilers diet
Galib A. M. Al-Kassie, Mamdooh A. M. Al-Nasrawi, Saba J. Ajeena
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 169-173
pdf Constraints of camel pastoralists in Gedarif state, eastern Sudan
Y. M. Abdalatif, M. O. Eisa, A. B. Mustafa and A. M. Salih
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 174-177
pdf Efficacy of methanolic extract of Terminalia brownii bark and leaves in treating experimentally infected rabbits
O. O. Thoria, M. A. Galal, N. A. Ashour, M. A. Hussain and H. A. Samia
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 178-183
pdf Retrospective study on sero-epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants before its official confirmation in northern Tanzania in 2008
E.D. Karimuribo, P. M. Loomu, L.S.B. Mellau and E.S. Swai
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 184-187
pdf Effect of replacing Soya by broad beans on fermentation parameters in the rumen of Sicilo-Sarde rams
Moncef Hammami, Abderrahmane Ben Gara, Boulbaba Rekik and Hamadi Rouissi
roavs, 2011, 1(
3), 188-192

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