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Effects of wet cupping on some haematological parameters in lamb

Shahram Vagefi and Shahrooz Bassiri*

Department of veterinary and animal science, Islamic Azad University, Sarab Branch, Sarab, Iran


This experiment was conducted to examine the effects of cupping on the haematological parameters of lamb blood. Ten male Mehreban lambs weighing 23.4±3.24 kg were assigned to two treatments: control and cupping based experimental group. Wet cupping was performed in several steps of sucking, scarification, secondary sucking, bloodletting and removal. Venal blood sampling was obtained one week after wet cupping and samples were tested for haematological parameters. No significant differences were observed between control and cupping groups in mentioned parameters. Cupping has not any negative effect on haematological parameters of sheep and can be tried in the treatment of some diseases in sheep as is used in human.

Keywords: lamb; wet cupping; haematological factors
To cite this article: Vagefi S and S Bassiri, 2015. Effects of wet cupping on some haematological parameters in lamb. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 5(9): 366-369.

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