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Histological study of the scrotum in rams
Saleem Abdullah Sofi
Department of Theriogenology, Physiology and Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

This study was conducted on skin samples from the proximal and distal part of scrotum of 20 rams during summer and winter season of 2011. All samples were fixed in 10% neutral buffer formalin and stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin. The results showed that the scrotum in rams consisted of epidermis and dermis. The epidermis was further composed of stratified keratinized squamous epithelium, stratum basele, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum and stratum corneum. The thicknesses of the epidermis were thin in the proximal portion and thick in distal portion during summer and winter season. The dermis layer contained sweat glands, sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The sweat glands of the scrotum in rams of different areas were present in two forms i.e., rounded and tubular shape. The sweat glands were more present in the proximal portion of scrotum and larger than the distal portion during summer seasons. While in winter season, the sweat glands were very low in all portions of scrotum. The sweat glands of summer season were larger than the winter season. The sebaceous glands did not differ during summer and winter season. These results showed that structurally there is a substantial difference in layers of skin of the scrotum rams between different regions and seasons of years.

Keywords: Rams; scrotal histology; sweat glands; season
To cite this article: Sofi SA, 2012. Histological study of scrotum in rams. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 2(8), 459-463.

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