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Hoof morphometry before and after trimming in donkeys
Hassanpour Aida and Seifollah N. Dehghani
Department of Veterinary Surgery, School of Veterinary Medicine Shiraz University, Shiraz,Iran

Similar to horses, care of donkeys hoof is vitally important. During normal weight bearing and locomotion, the equine hoof wall deforms in a consistent pattern. Two population of adult donkeys (12 and 10) weighing 213±23 kg, with very long hooves were referred for hoof trimming Nipper was used to trim the outgrowth of hoof wall from the hoof. The feet were trimmed starting from the toe then from the lateral and medial side up to the heel area. The average toe length before trimming for front legs was 12.2±4.1 cm and for the hind legs was 8.3±4.2 cm, but after trimming, the average length of the cranial hoof wall for front leg was 5.6±2.3 cm and for hind leg was 6.1±1.4 cm. Heel-first landing in the front feet is necessary for soundness, and indicates a correct trim. Usually the equine foot is built to land on the well-padded frog. In conclusion, the donkeys’ feet should be trimmed according to their work type and at least after every 6 weeks to prevent long hoof which induces lameness and injury.

Keywords: Donkey; hoof trimming; morphometric study
To cite this article: Hassnpur A. and SN. Dehghani, 2012. Hoof morphometry before and after trimming in donkeys. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 2(6), 381-383.

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