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Effect of palm kernel cake and trace minerals on performance of growing Naemi lambs

Mutassim M. Abdelrahman1, Riyadh S. Aljumaah1, Abdullah H. Alyemni2, Moez Ayadi1, Hassan Metwally1 and M. Y. Al-Saiady2

1King Saud University, College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, Department of Animal production, P. O. Box 2460, Riyadh 11451, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; 2ARASCO Company, P.O. Box 53845, Riyadh 11593, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding palm kernel cake (PKC) in a total mixed ration (TMR) on performance of Naemi lambs. Thirty six growing male Naemi lambs (25.9±1.3 kg), 3-4 months old, were distributed into three treatments (three replicates/treatment) as follow: Control group (C), fed traditional diet containing alfalfa hay and barley grain; Treatment 1 (T1), fed TMR containing 0% palm kernel cake; Treatment 2 (T2): fed TMR containing 20% palm Kernel cake. Body weight and feed intake were determined and blood samples were collected. Five lambs from each group were slaughtered at the end of the trial and tissues samples were collected. A significant effect (P<0.05) of feeding TMR with or without PKC on total feed intake and weight gain was recorded as compared to C group. Feeding PKC significantly increased iron concentration in serum, liver and meat. Zinc concentration in the serum and liver also increased significantly by feeding PKC. Furthermore, total serum iron concentration was positively correlated to the liver (R2= 0.478; P<0.04) and meat iron (R2= 0.421; P<0.05). It was concluded that feeding PKC (20%) in TMR to growing Naemi lambs improved body weight gain and feed intake without producing negative effects on the absorption and metabolism of trace minerals.

Keywords: palm kernel cake, iron, trace minerals, hormones, naemi lambs
To cite this article: Abdelrahman MM, RS Aljumaah, AH Alyemni, M Ayadi, H Metwally and MY Al-Saiady, 2014. Effect of palm kernel cake and trace minerals on performance of growing Naemi lambs. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 4(5): 268-272.

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