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Effect of cinnamon, red pepper, ginger and cumin on broilers performance

1*Ebrahimi, M., 2Hoseini, A., 1Palizdar M.H., 1Mohamadian-Tabrizi, H.R. and 1Porelmi, M.R.

1Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic Azad University, Chalous Branch, Mazandaran, Iran; 2Animal Science Research institute, poultry Nutrition. Alborz-Karaj


In this study, the effects of cinnamon, red pepper, ginger and cumin on the performance was determined. A total of 1200 broiler chicks (Cobb 500) were randomly distributed into five treatments and each treatment was further divided into four replicates. Treatments included a control (Ctrl), Ctrl +2.5 g/kg of cinnamon, Ctrl +2.5 g/kg of red pepper, Ctrl +2.5 g/kg of ginger and Ctrl +2.5 g/kg cumin. The chicks were fed the diets for 35 days. The amount of dietary metabolisable energy, crude protein, calcium, phosphorous and essential amino acids were similar. Performance characteristics of live weight, feed intake, feed conversion ratio (weekly) and mortality (at the end of the experiment) were recorded. The results revealed that Cinnamon significantly improved body weight on day 28.  Feed intake was significantly low in Cumin and Ginger fed groups on day 14 of the experiment. Similarly, feed conversion ratio was also significantly high in Cumin and Ginger fed birds on day 14. The mortality percentage did not differ between the treatments. The results of this experiment showed that the use of Cinnamon in the diets caused a higher weight gain on day 28 of the experiment. It was also observed that Ginger and Cumin treatments resulted in improved feed conversion and feed intake on day 14.

Keywords: Cinnamon; red pepper; ginger; cumin; broilers; performance
To cite this article: Ebrahimi M, A Hoseini, MH Palizdar, HR Mohamadian-Tabrizi and MR Porelmi, 2013. Effect of cinnamon, red pepper, ginger and cumin on broilers performance. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 3(5), 131-135.

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