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Effects of coating whole cottonseed with starch on in vitro ruminal fermentation

Jong-Moon Park2, Young-Il Kim2, Ji-Sun Bae2, Youn-Hee Lee1, Myeon Lee2 and Wan-Sup Kwak1*

1Division of Food Bioscience, College of Health and Medical Life Sciences, Glocal campus, Konkuk University, Danwol-dong 322, Chung-Ju, Chung-Buk 380-701, Korea; 2Egreen Co. LTD, 1893, Hwangmu-ro, Bubal-eup, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of coating whole cottonseed (WCS) with varying quantities of starch on in vitro ruminal fermentation. In vitro fermentation experiments were conducted over two days, with three replicates per day (n = 6). Each trial consisted of three treatments (control, 1% starch, and 5% starch). The control was an uncoated WCS, the 1% starch treatment consisted of WCS coated with 1% starch, and the 5% starch treatment was WCS coated with 5% starch. For the 5% starch treatment, the pH of the rumen fluid was lowest, total gas production was highest during the initial stage, NH3-N content was 25% lower than that of the control (P<0.05%), the acetate ratio at 48 h was reduced by 7.0%, and the propionate ratio increased 7.5% compared to that of the control (P<0.05). For the 1% starch treatment, the pH was not different from that of the other treatments except at 3 h after the start of incubation, and total gas production and NH3-N content were not different from those of the control. Consequently, coating WCS with 5% starch altered the in vitro ruminal fermentation parameters; however, 1% starch treatment did not alter ruminal pH, total gas production, NH3-N, or VFA composition, relative to the control.

Keywords: Whole cottonseed; coating; starch; ruminal fermentation; volatile fatty acid
To cite this article: Park JM, YI Kim, JS Bae, YH Lee, M Lee and WS Kwak, 2015. Effects of coating whole cottonseed with starch on in vitro ruminal fermentation. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 5(3): 132-137.

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