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Effects of alum (Aluminium sulphate) on faecal quality of broiler fed low protein diets

Malomo, G. A.1, *Bolu, S. A.2 Olutade, S.G1 and Suleiman, Z.G.3

1Coordination of Technical Research Programme, 3Bureau of Gender and Youth in Agriculture; Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria; 2Department of Animal Production, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria


A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of manipulation of dietary protein on the physico-chemical quality of broiler faeces and response of these qualities to 1.5% alum (Aluminium sulphate) treatment during storage. Chicks were allotted to corn-soy diets in a completely randomized design for forty-two days. The diets were 22 and 20% CP with methionine + lysine content balance and, 22 and 20% CP diets with 110% NRC recommendation of methionine and lysine. Faecal nitrogen decreased (P<0.05) with dietary protein levels and, methionine and lysine supplementation of 22 and 20% dietary protein. Faecal pH of broiler fed low protein diets were slightly acidic and ranged from 4.76-4.80. Faecal minerals were generally lower than the range of values reported for broilers in other investigations. Furthermore, treatment of broiler faeces with alum (1.5%) led to reduction in pH (4.78 to 4.58). Also, rate of reduction in faecal nitrogen and organic matter levels, and increase in pH was observed to be lowering in alum-treated compared to the untreated broiler faeces in a 7 days storage. In conclusion, feeding low level of dietary protein with or without methionine and lysine supplementation in excess of requirement is a suitable means of reducing nitrogen and mineral excretion in broiler production. During feacal storage, reduced nitrogen volatilization and consequently, nitrogenous emissions from broiler faeces can be achieved by the addition of alum treatment.

Keywords: Alum; broiler; faecal nutrient; protein; storage
To cite this article: Malomo GA, SA Bolu, SG Olutade and ZG Suleiman, 2014. Effects of alum (Aluminium sulphate) on faecal quality of broiler fed low protein diets. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 4(3), 133-137.

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