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Ameliorative effects of Lipitor against hypercholesterolemia-induced nephrotoxicity in rats and their breast-feeding young

Abdelalim A. Gadallah1,2

1Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt
2Preparatory Year Deanship, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The aim of this study was to find the ameliorative effect of Lipitor in nephrotoxicity resulting from hypercholesterolemia in mothers and their young. Eighty fertile male and virgin Wistar female rats were used in the present study. After mating and confirmation of pregnancy, the rats were arranged into four groups (10 per group) as follows: control; G1, Lipitor-treated group (2 mg/kg body weight, orally administered every other day from the 6th day of gestation until 14 and 21 days postnatal); G2, experimental hypercholesterolemic and G3, Hypercholesterolemic and Lipitor-treatment. At the end of treatments, kidney and femoral epiphysis of both control and experimental mother rats and their offspring at 7 and 14 days were processed for histological study. The results revealed that mothers exhibited tubulo-necrosis, glomerulonephritis and periglomerular and tubular leukocytic infiltration. Maternal nephrotoxicity was reflected in the renal picture of breast-feeding young at 2 and 3 weeks. Also, examining femoral epiphysis of breast-feeding rat maternal fed on a hypercholesterolemic diet exhibited a comparative reduction of epiphysis and derangement of cartilage column and widened of cartilage stromata. The increased damage and degeneration of cartilage cells and comparative reduction of epiphyseal cartilage may lead to softening of bone, decreased its growth rate and increased incidence of fractures. Furthermore Lipitor-treatment alone or in combination with hypercholesterolemia improved femoral epiphysis and renal tissue to some extent and not equal to normal ones. In conclusion, hypercholesterolemia altered renal morphology which might have affected synthesis of essential elements of bone formation leading to defective bone growth in their offspring. Lipitor-treatment improved maternal renal structure which also resulted in improved bone growth of their young.

Keywords: Amelioration, lepitor, nephrotoxicity, hypercholesterolemia, mothers, youngs
To cite this article: Gadallah AA, 2016. Ameliorative effects of Lipitor against hypercholesterolemia-induced nephrotoxicity in rats and their breast-feeding young. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 6(2): 53-58.

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