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Effect of oxytocin and clitoris massage on the pregnancy rate of Saanen goats

Çağrı Kandemir, Turgay Taşkın and Nedim Koşum

Faculty of Agriculture Department of Animal Science, Ege University İzmir, Türkiye


In this study, the effects of oxytocin injection and post-insemination clitoral massage on pregnancy rate in Saanen goats were investigated. Goats were assigned to the control group (G1 = 20), oxytocin applied group (G2 = 20) and clitoral massage group (G3 = 20). The control group (G1) received only 1 ml of saline for the placebo effect after insemination. The second group (G2) injected 1 IU of synthetic oxytocin into the muscle 30 seconds before the insemination. In the third group (G3), clitoral massage was applied for 30 seconds following the insemination. Control of pregnancy in goats was determined by ultrasound 60 days after insemination. Pregnancy rates in control, oxytocin and clitoris massage groups were 55%, 55% and 50% respectively. The difference between the groups in terms of pregnancy rate was found to be not significant (P>0.05). In control, oxytocin and clitoris group, the number of offspring at birth was 2.09, 2.00 and 2.00 respectively. There was no statistically significant difference between the groups in terms of the number of kids (P>0.05). Finally, the difference between the groups was found to be significant in terms of control, oxytocin application and clitoral massage in artificial insemination applied in Saanen goats.

Keywords: Pregnancy rate; saanen goat; clitoris massage; oxytocin treatment
To cite this article: Kandemir Ç, T Taşkın and N Koşum, 2017. Effect of oxytocin and clitoris massage on the pregnancy rate of Saanen goats. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 7(1): 25-28.

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