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Factors influencing the maturation, fertilization and development of swamp buffalo oocyte in vitro

Lerma C. Ocampo1,2, Lucia M. Rigos2 and Marlon B. Ocampo

1Reproductive Biotechnology Unit, Philippine Carabao Center, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120, 2College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120


Buffalo ovaries (n=610) were collected from the abattoir and the oocytes recovered were matured, fertilized and the resulting zygotes were cultured in vitro. In Experiment 1, the maturation and fertilization rates of O1-O2 oocytes were higher than O3-O5 oocytes. In Experiment 2, the two batches of TCM-199 medium used with different hormonal supplementation did not influence the maturation and fertilization of the oocytes at 70.7-86.7% and 59.4-66.0% respectively. In Experiment 3, bull variability was observed in terms of their capacity for fertilization. In Experiment 4, higher fertilization rate was observed in response to caffeine (3–10 mg/ml) compared to control. In Experiment 5, 1 × 106 sperm/ml concentration during fertilization had a lower penetration rate (43.0%) than 5, 10 × 106 sperm/ml concentration (68.4- 71.0%). In Experiment 6, development to the blastocyst stage in TCM-199 or mSOF medium with or without cumulus cell monolayer had no significant difference (11.5-22.2%) with total cell count ranging from 84.6±11.2 to 91.4±12.2. Overall, the results showed the importance of cumulus cells in the acquisition of developmental competence of oocytes maturing in vitro and its subsequent fertilization. That, selection of appropriate bull, its optimum sperm concentration, the choice of capacitating agent and its concentration, the type of medium for culture of resulting zygotes is critical for successful application of in vitro maturation, fertilization and culturing for mass production of buffalo embryos.

Keywords: Embryos; fertilization;  maturation; oocytes
To cite this article: Ocampo LC, LM Rigos and MB Ocampo, 2016. Factors influencing the maturation, fertilization and development of swamp buffalo oocyte in vitro. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 6(1): 24-31.

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