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Characteristics and level of protection of the broilers and laying hens farms of NDjamena zone (Chad)

1Mopate, L.Y.*, 2Ban-Bo, B.A., 2Nadjilem, D. and  3Mbairamadji, F.

1Zootechnical and Veterinary Research Laboratory (ZVRL) of Farcha, B.P. 433, NDjamena, Chad; 2Faculty of Exact and Applied Science (FEAS), University of NDjamena, Chad; 3Ministry of Pastoral Development and Animal Production, NDjamena, Chad


The objective of the study was to characterize the broilers and laying hens farms and to evaluate their protection level in order to formulate interventions strategy. The transversal and retrospective survey was carried out and about 32 out of 40 farmers at NDjamena are concerned. The average age of the farmers was 39.09±11.56 years and 81% were the birds of family of average six people. All were educated at the primary level (26%), the secondary (44%) and high school (40%). The majority (63%) practiced poultry farming as first activity and 75% created their own farm during 2000 including 63% of them between year 2005 and 2009. The age with the first laying was estimated at 148.42±18.64 days and that of reform of 19.60±3.70 months. Regarding protection, only 11 farms ensured a medical and zootechnical follow up and 16 were correctly equipped their personnel with protective cloths (blouse), boots, gloves and mask. Strengthening of the farmers’ capacities in protection and technical management is a priority. Moreover, the chick availability and accessibility in veterinary products, food and materials of breeding are major concerns of the farmers to be taken into account in interventions.

Keywords: Poultry farming; Commercial farms; production; protection; NDjamena; Chad
To cite this article: Mopate LY, BA Ban-Bo, D Nadjilem and F Mbairamadji, 2014. Characteristics and level of protection of the broilers and laying hens farms of NDjamena zone (Chad). Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 4(1), 5-10.

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