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Performance of pullet chicks fed different levels of dietary fibre and enzyme

A.O. Ani, L.C. Ugwuowo, C.O. Osita and O.N.  Alutu

Department of Animal Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


The response of pullet chicks to varying levels of dietary fibre and supplementary enzyme was investigated for 8 weeks using 120 three weeks old Harco black pullet chicks. The chicks were randomly divided into 8 groups of 15 birds each and assigned to 8 energetic (11.78-11.96 MJ/Kg ME) and nitrogenous (20% crude protein) diets in a 4 x 2 factorial arrangement involving four fibre levels (5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0%) and two enzyme levels (0 and 0.25%). Each treatment was replicated 3 times with 5 birds per replicate. Results showed that while body weight gain of chicks that were fed diets without supplementary enzyme decreased significantly (P<0.01) as the dietary fibre level increased beyond 6% level, average daily feed intake increased significantly (P<0.01) at the 7 and 8% dietary fibre levels. Chicks fed 6% crude fibre diet with enzyme supplementation had significantly (P<0.01) higher average daily weight gain, final body weight and protein efficiency ratio and lower (P<0.01) cost of feed per kg weight gain than those fed the control diet. It was concluded that 6% crude fibre can be included in pullet chicks’ diet without supplementary enzyme and 8% crude fibre with supplementary enzyme for normal growth of chicks.

Keywords: Pullets fibre; enzyme; growth performance; diets
To cite this article: Ani AO and AU Okorie, 2013. Performance of pullet chicks fed different levels of dietary fibre and enzyme. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 2(1), 6-12.

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